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Oakland Child Custody Lawyer

An Oakland Child Custody Attorney Providing Compassion and Empathy

In addition to her extensive experience and an advanced degree, Hannah Sims, the founder of our law firm, is a mother of two children who herself has gone through a divorce. That personal point-of-view and in-depth insight is a valuable asset if you are looking for a compassionate advocate. Divorce is legally complex and rife with emotion. There are no easy strategies or solutions.

At the Law Offices of Hannah E. Sims, LL.M., we focus on the best interests of your children and protection of your rights in child custody cases.

Putting your children's well-being first is vital in getting them through a difficult and sometimes traumatic process. For help, contact the Law Offices of Hannah E. Sims, LL.M. at 510-250-7834 or toll free at 888-702-5859.

Our founder takes personal responsibility to ensure whatever steps are taken in child custody are done with a focus on the children's well-being. Divorce is traumatic enough for children without the added burden of parents engaged in a bitter dispute. Adding a parent or parents' mental illness, substance abuse or criminal histories to a child custody battle only increases the need for an attorney who will put their best interests first and foremost.

Unmarried couples seeking child custody agreements face unique challenges that require the experience of an Alameda County paternity attorney. A biological father acknowledges his responsibility and wants quality time with his child. A mother resists. Legal help is vital.

Take action now to protect both your rights and focus on the best outcome for your children.

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