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Oakland Guardianship Attorney

The Law Offices of Hannah E. Sims, LL.M, helps people obtain legal custody of a child by establishing guardian relationships. By petitioning the court and becoming a guardian, you can become a child's care provider and be entrusted with important decision-making responsibilities. These include everything from providing food, shelter and clothing to making decisions about his or her education and medical care.

Becoming a guardian is a big responsibility, but we have found during our experience that the end result is rewarding for everyone involved. Our Oakland guardianship lawyer is ready to answer your questions and help guide you through the guardianship process.

Contact our California family law office online today or call 510-250-7834 to schedule a consultation with our firm's founder, Hannah E. Sims, LL.M.

Establish Your Guardian Relationship Today: Representation in Northern California

The experienced family law attorney at our office is familiar with the process of applying for a guardianship and will provide an honest assessment on whether or not you might qualify. First, you must have proof that a guardianship relationship is necessary. These situations typically arise when a child's parents pass away or are otherwise incapacitated, or when a child's mental condition prevents him or her for caring for him or herself once the child turn 18.

We will work with you to file the necessary court documents and supply the proof the court needs to approve your petition. Even the smallest mistake can result in dismissal, so it is extremely important to have someone on your side that has gone through the process many times before.

Temporary Guardianships

There are also times when a temporary guardianship might be necessary. If you are a single parent who needs to take a work-related trip, or are being deployed overseas, the added protection of a temporary guardian is something to seriously consider. While you are away, you can feel confident someone you trust is in a position to make decisions should an emergency occur.

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Contact our divorce and guardianship law office online today or call 510-250-7834 to learn more about our services from the founder of our firm.

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