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Is your prenup vulnerable to a legal challenge?

Prenuptial agreements play a massive role during the property division process of a divorce. They can also play a crucial role during the marriage itself. Having a prenuptial agreement is an important part of marriage nowadays, and it can take a lot of stress out of a high-asset marriage too. However, couples that have prenups often incorrectly believe that the document is immune to a legal challenge. This simply isn't so.

Prenuptial agreements, just like any legal document, can fall to the wayside because of a legal challenge. The circumstances surrounding a prenup must be compliant and legal, otherwise a spouse could challenge the document in court and get part or all of the prenup thrown out.

The use of a property division checklist can help

Are you staring down the barrel at the divorce process? Are you just now beginning to learn more about property division and what to expect?

In the event of a high net worth divorce, you can expect to have many questions in regard to what will happen to your assets in the near future. On one side of things, you'll do whatever it takes to get your fair share of property. Conversely, you know that your soon to be ex-spouse has the same intentions.

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